Contract Negotiations

ISA Co-founder & President Brooks Henderson has worked in the professional sports representation business for almost 30 years. ISA Co-founder Don Henderson came from a strong contract negotiation background, having negotiated over $275 million in structural steel contracts in New York City. Through preparation, market awareness and client education, Brooks and Don have over 50 years of combined experience in negotiating NFL contracts for a total value of almost $500 million. While somewhat still new to ISA Football, Brant Richerson brings with him a wealth of legal knowledge and he assists our clients with legal services, contract analysis and negotiations.

Combine Training / Pre Draft Services

ISA talks with NFL general managers and front office personnel for an immediate and detailed understanding of our client’s strengths and weaknesses and how he is graded. We prepare our clients for All-Star Games, the NFL Combine and On-Campus Workouts through specialized training, which includes physical training as well as IQ test and interview preparation. We prepare a detailed calendar for our client from the time of signing with ISA, through the draft, and up until the start of training camp. We coordinate individual workouts for NFL teams, pre-draft team visits, as well as any and all aspects of the pre-draft NFL evaluation process. If necessary we review with our client his college class schedule to assure he stays on track to graduate if he has not already graduated.

Marketing / Endorsements

I.S.A. aggressively pursues endorsements and other commercial opportunities for our clients on a local and national level. We have been able to gain contracts for our players in athletic shoes and apparel, trading cards, product endorsements, personal appearances, autograph signings, radio and television shows and speaking engagements, among others, as well as participation in charitable events and outings. Through our work in securing endorsements and appearances, I.S.A. is able to continuously build our clients value as a public figure and in turn increase their marketability.

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Financial Services

If asked, we assist our clients by helping to set up meaningful meetings with independent wealth management firms certified by the National Football League Players Association as financial planners. We work with clients to prepare a realistic cash flow to assist the financial planner in developing a viable and successful portfolio. We attend meetings with client and financial planner in order to lend assistance and to be able to help client monitor the performance of the financial planner. If asked, we introduce our clients to highly qualified and professional independent accountants, insurance brokers and bankers. We then set up and attend meetings with client and these professionals to help in selecting; a CPA that will handle the very important task of properly filing all required federal and state tax returns, insurance brokers for our clients needs for auto insurance, renters insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance and umbrella policies, and bankers for mortgages, auto loans and checking and savings accounts.

Additional Client Services

Aside from the obvious negotiation of contracts and being the player’s representation in their dealings with the NFL teams, some examples of the additional services we have provided our clients are: Opening Bank Accounts, Set Up Budgets, Apartment / Home Leasing, Furniture Purchases, Wardrobes, Set up Wills / Living Trusts, Vacation Planning, Travel Reservations, Wedding / Rehearsal Planning, Auto Purchases, Home Purchases, Big Item Purchases, Additional NFL Tickets, Dinner Reservations, Legal Services Assistance, Find Internships/Off-season Jobs, Education Continuation, Post Career Counseling, Second Medical Opinions, Appeal NFL/League Fines, Workers Comp Assistance, Life After Football Transitioning, Among Others.

Public and Community Relations

At ISA Football we make sure our clients become involved in the community of their NFL team. ISA helps to coordinate and promote our clients’ charity events, fundraisers, awareness campaigns and community initiatives. By creating positive exposure for our clients in their team city and state, we enhance our client’s brand and in turn generate more opportunities for endorsements and marketing, while at the same time giving back to the local community.

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