International Sports Advisors, Inc. (ISA Football) has been representing players in the National Football League for three decades.

The representation of pro football players is a business; it is our business, a business based on trust, personal relationships, knowledge and honesty. International Sports Advisors develops a complete, well thought out pre-draft business plan for each client, with the ultimate goal of making our clients successful both on and off the football field.

International Sports Advisors never forgets the fact that: The Agent works for the Player; the Player does not work for the Agent.

To that end, I.S.A. operates under four basic principles:


  • Between Player and Agent, which is the core of our success.
  • Honest answers allow us to target the areas we need to work on.


  • Have a specific plan where no detail is too small.
  • We develop a business plan and work on that plan as a team.


  • Make proper use of the time we have.
  • Be a professional. Be on time (workouts/meetings, etc).


  • Player and Agent are accountable to do their specific job or function.
  • Responsibility to the task at hand.