Company Philosophy and Organization

When forming a sports agency, we believe an owner has two choices. First, an owner may hire all the ancillary people he needs to make his business a, so-called, full service company: Accountant, Financial Advisor, Attorney, Insurance Expert, Personal Trainer, etc. Second, an Owner may align himself with other fee based, independently owned companies that offer his client all the necessary services required.

International Sports Advisors chose the second option. We have aligned ourselves with other independent and successful companies, so that we may offer our clients all the services / advice of the first option without running the risk of being single minded with one decision maker. All companies are fee based, with a set fee already established. International Sports Advisors does not receive any money or referral fees from any of these companies. Using already established companies, we offer our clients a better service for the following reasons.


You, the Client, get to choose your agent instead of having one assigned to you (as happens with many large agencies), which therefore allows the player to establish a more personal and professional relationship with his agent.


You pick who you want for a financial advisor, accountant, insurance agent, etc., instead of having someone assigned to you, and you may choose to use a company that you or your family are already familiar with through your own dealings and / or associations.


Because each company is privately owned, we offer a checks and balances system. We work with the owners of the individual companies, and each person has their own opinion of how certain things should be handled, and everyone (especially the athlete) works towards a mutual decision. Decisions do not rely solely on the agent; everyone gets involved and has their say as to what is best for the athlete without fear of “losing my job if I disagree with the boss”.


The client receives the benefit of all the contacts and associations that the multiple other companies posses.


It forces the client to get more involved in his business dealings and consequently learn from all the professionals he has working for him.


Planning sessions are open to discussions, with each professional offering his educated / experienced opinion.